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Zetsu Tenrou Battougaaaaaa!
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Korrasami Kiss Gif by AshleyNicholsArt

Though I'm not so much of a Korrasami fan I will still try to give some helpful tips here. Even though I'm more of an amateur when it c...

Rare Apple by illuminatiums

Being I've started shipping a bit of Rarijack now, here's my critique: Vision: The biggest thing I notice in just about all of your art...

Makorra - Resting by sakura-muffins

I know I already commented this, but here I go anyway. ^^; Vision: The colors and lineart look fine, and I think most of the light and sh...

Father and Son by Duckyworth

Well, been a while since I've done a critique, so here I go. Vision: I'll start with the pros before I get to the cons. Starting with t...

Clearly we needed MORE insults to Don Bluth's work after that announced CGI The Secret of NIMH remake. I was at least hoping that since "Journey of the Brave" sounds like something out of the first Land Before Time movie, ONE of these damned sequels would at least try to hold up to the original, but of course not.

You know what, I don't care. At least I still have the original. All that matters is that my favorite Don Bluth movie will always be insuperable to any Land Before Time sequel or TV series in my book. 
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My roleplay account- :icongng-riki:
A plz account I made- :iconrainbowgrinchplz:

Hi. I used to be gingalegendweed on Doink.

That blue winged Akita you see in my profile picture is my fursona Claire.

90% of my gallery you'll see includes mostly fanart. I also write fanfics and reviews, fill out memes, make stamps, and on occasion post photographs or animations. I am extremely opinionated, so view my art and stamps at your own risk.

close friends and artistic inspirations:

general stuff I like:

Densetsu Weed Stamp by MarauderWolf93Nagareboshi Gin Stamp by MarauderWolf93Ginga Densetsu Riki stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersMLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiEquestria Girls trilogy by ShinyWhiteWatersSoul Eater - Stamp by KizushikThis is Chester A. Bum saying by ToastersToastToastNostalgia Critic stamp by GenaleahWe Love Both by SilverToraGeWatership Down Stamp by WatershipDownCLUBThe Land Before Time Stamp by KegawaDon Bluth by MissBeastieAvatar the last airbender stamp by ShadeilaLegend of Korra Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionSMOSH. by VAL0VEFelidae Stamp by SkiaSpirit by HioderroWolf's Rain stamp by TollerkaDoInk stamp by Dalia1991Disney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwlerBolt Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyPONY.MOV Stamp by SpacetchiHome on the Range Disney Stamp by Maleficent84Somebody had to make it. by Little-rolling-beanBreyer Collector Stamp by BroadwayLashyI Support THIS Rudolph - Stamp by TwiinyanStamp: TLK2:SP by Riza-Izumi


Mrs. Brisby - stamp by V1KAPrincess Celestia Fan - Stamp by TwiinyanREQUEST: King Sombra by Zero-JanitorLord Tirek by MarlenesstampsNightmare stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzMLP: AppleJack stamp by Janbearpig(Request) Firefly Stamp by SoraRoyals77G3 Minty stamp by AdolfWolfed4LifeG3 Rainbow Dash stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersKorra Stamp by LithestepPabu Stamp by xxBrandyNaga Stamp by WytefadeBolin Stamp by SkyeStampsMako Stamp 2 by LithestepPascal Fan Stamp by Noxxic-StarrWeed stamp by svartmoon.::Riki Stamp::. by StampAGKyoushiro Stamp by IgniteTheBlaizeHiro stamp by svartmoonGNG John stamp by svartmoonTesshin 3 by svartmoonAkame stamp by svartmoonGB Fan by TheAnimeFreak25Gin 2 by svartmoonLittleFoot Stamp by SoraRoyals77Littlefoot's Mother Stamp by NyxityKiara Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-samaFrozen: Elsa and Anna Stamp by DIA-TLOAKristoff and Sven ~ Stamp by disneynumber1fanOlaf Stamp (2) by PuccaFanGirlGreat Prince Stamp by PirateHeartsCampion stamp by svartmoonBigwig stamp by svartmoon


Easy Sailing by Zero-JanitorStamp :: Canon Pairings by pear-fairybecause the world revolves around your OTP by ShinyWhiteWatersChrysombra/Sombralis Stamp by Anzu18FlashLight Fan Stamp by TwiinyanSoarinDash Stamp by BelinhaMSCheesePie Stamp by DemonKaizokuTrenderjack stamp2 by ShinyWhiteWatersRaripike Stamp by migueruchanBulkShy Stamp by ShadeilaBlueBloodxTrixie by migueruchanButtonBelle Stamp by ShadeilaRumbaloo Stamp by schwarzekatze4Good King SombraXPrincess Celestia Stamp by SoraRoyals77Cheerimac Stamp by schwarzekatze4Together Stamp by SunnStampRainbowjack by tofuudogApplepike Stamp by migueruchananti Dilestia stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersanti Fluttermac stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersAnti-FlutterDash Stamp by BelinhaMSWeed x Koyuki stamp by GingaChaniJerome x Lydia stamp by GingaChaniBen x Cross stamp by GingaChanianti WeedXJerome stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersKataang Fan Stamp 2 by misspixyeeZumai Fan Stamp 1 by misspixyeeanti Zutara stamp by ShinyWhiteWatersI Ship Makorra And Borra by Marlenesstamps(Request) Kai X Jinora Stamp by SoraRoyals77Anti-Tahnorra stamp by juanito316ssKorrasami - stamp by Lilly225Zhurrick Stamp by AriaeraFrancisxFelicity Stamp by LadyKimbaJelsa by stampsnstuffAnna x Kristoff stamp by Shichi-Saruko(Request) Anti AnnaXElsa Stamp by SoraRoyals77Zoey x Rudolph Stamp by the-ocean-sings

negative stamps:

Princess Luna Overrated Stamp by SoraRoyals77Please calm down about it by LaRousse-StampsAnti Princess Molestia Stamp by SoraRoyals77Wolves are Boring Stamp by SpikytasticI Hate Kawaii by holls.:Not All 2-D Animation:. by Mitochondria-RaineDislike Little Kids Stamp by SGStampsDAS by MintyStampsNever Never Never Never Never by PsychoMonkeyShogunTahno the Douche... minus water by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Meanimaltards by stamploveyouJB is a Jackass by GirlWithTheGreenHatYou're Not Insane Stamp by SpikytasticAirbender by paramoreSUCKSYou're Not A Speshul Snoflake by genkistampsDon't Bring Your Babies by genkistampsOpinion's Not a Pass Stamp by SpikytasticMy Child Saw This And Killed Someone After by endlerAnti Blingee stamp by Tea-StrawberryStamp: Anti TLK 1.5 by Riza-IzumiUPDATED by Little-rolling-beanMore Stamp Practice by funlakotaWahh kids r gods gifts teens are satan1!1! by Little-rolling-beanThey are the reason why Earth is still alive. by Little-rolling-beanunpopular opinion by ShinyWhiteWatersu cant hate villains cos ur supposed to hate them by ShinyWhiteWatersLove Me Some of that Bacon by endlerAnti Chihuahua +STAMP+ by Daisy-Dictatoranti LBT sequels by ShinyWhiteWatersbecause life is all carefree and happiness by ShinyWhiteWatershow 'bout no? by ShinyWhiteWatersGee, you think you know everything, don't you? by Little-rolling-beanlol that character iz dying SO FUNNY!111 by ShinyWhiteWatersThey can always be debunked.  by Little-rolling-beancrowning moment of ignorance by ShinyWhiteWatersNot a fan of Background ponies by Donald-BottomChildren should be seen and not worshipped. by Little-rolling-bean


Your logic is  illogical. by PandaSenninEVERYTHING'S OVERRAAAAATED by endlerOH, I WISH HE WOULD RAPE MEH! by CatthyloveCrossover stamp by LatiosdudeHunting Is not Evil by RainUndeadOn Behalf of Bronies Everywhere by writemaster93Killer Wolves by paramoreSUCKSPonify stamp by LatiosdudeI don't mind :3 by Little-rolling-beanStamp by LaylaTheBlackCheetahAbout 'flanks'... by evaxilthAnyone can judge your work by RespeanutAnime Stamp by h-irschWant to keep it? Get off DA and go watch Barney. by Little-rolling-beanWOOLFS!!11 by ShinyWhiteWatersI DON'T CARE by World-Hero21I'll be honest by ShinyWhiteWatersIVE GOT ASSPEERRGRERRRSS LOLZ PPL!!! by Little-rolling-beancry me a river by ShinyWhiteWatersWATERSHIP DOWN IS THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER!!!11 by ShinyWhiteWatershurr durr, 2D=Disney by ShinyWhiteWatersYour lack of effort is not entertaining. by Little-rolling-beanClowns are not scary :Stamp: by KooboriSapphireStamp:Yes, I know, I'm a horrible, horrible person by CatthyloveOh you hate Frozen? You want a medal or something? by ShinyWhiteWatersbaaaww ur such a mean bully!11 by ShinyWhiteWatershow sadistic of me by ShinyWhiteWatersanti-Heterophobia stamp by pallottiliRape is better? Are you kidding me? by FluffyFerret97

DA related:

Not Forcing You To Stay On My Page. by LordOfstampsStamp: Begging for points... by CatthyloveNot a Coward by sugarpoultryDigital Art Stamp by firechantComments Stamp by xNaga:Stamp: Want your ass kissed? Go somewhere else. by KooboriSapphireYou do not decide which and which is not art! by Little-rolling-beanFUUU Stamp by Drake1Y R U NOT LITENING 2 MEH U MENIE! by Little-rolling-beanWhy can't you just delete it from your inbox? by Little-rolling-beanConstructive Criticism - Stamp by StampboxShitty Art Can Be Made On ANY Program. by LordOfstampsAss-pat critique by paramoreSUCKSFuck you, I could of made one with that name! by Little-rolling-beaneeeeyup. by TheArtOfNotLikingYouI hide comments. And? by HappyPenguin819It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFishMy page is not your billboard by savagebinnSeriously, stop it. by atomic-cherrywolfUPDATED by Little-rolling-beanNope. by Little-rolling-beanNo Logic in Favs Stamp by justdacatYou are normal whether you like it or not. by Little-rolling-beanThen I should be asking why you don't by ShinyWhiteWatersDeal With That by alaska-is-a-huskyWords DO Hurt by Maliciousesnot always by ShinyWhiteWatersDon't Know, Don't Comment by ShinyWhiteWatersWhining about it won't make it go away by ShinyWhiteWatersCensorship button, gaiz. by Caution-LowCeilingRequest: Not gonna work. by World-Hero21I am sorry I bullied you, you bitch. by Little-rolling-bean


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Sherryhill Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave!=P (Razz) =P (Razz) 
ShinyWhiteWaters Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. :)
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Youtube just took on all the episodes of the 1989 Jungle Emperor Leo anime series! I'm so Mad right now!Rubi DAFUQ? icon 
ShinyWhiteWaters Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw man, WHAT?? I was actually planning to watch the whole series some day! :iconwhutplz:

Okay truth in confession, I've only seen about 3 episodes of the '89 Jungle Emperor Leo series, but I still liked what I saw. It's just that I barely have time to watch the whole 51 episodes altogether.

Thanks YouTube, you ruined my opportunity now. :I
Battouga-Sharingan Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah I just found this out cuz I had all the episodes and the 1997 movie in my JEL Playlist and I was like "since Im not drawing anything tonight and have a dayoff tomorrow why not finish the !989 Leo series!" But no youtube had to be an ass. It's really a great journey! I was in in the 40s but stopped cuz some of the episodes didn't have subtitles. And I wasn't going to use my Japanese knowledge to figure out what each character was saying. But right now, I found on Youtube who upload some episodes of the 1989 series(8 episodes at the moment) and the 1997 movie in English dub. I saw the english version and Leo's voice actor was the one I recognized right off the bat and it fit with him perfectly.

I'm planning to get the 2009 movie very soon as well^^ 
ShinyWhiteWaters Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, the other reason I couldn't make it through the whole anime was because I found out the second half didn't have any English subs. But every episode of Jungle Emperor Leo just stands out for some reason, for both the 1965 and 1989 series. If you've seen a few episodes, you've seen them all. They're just that enjoyable. ^^

Man, the last time I saw the 2009 movie was in 2011 when it was still on YouTube. Man, good times.
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